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The Legacy Behind LLumar Window Films

Photo by kaleb tapp on Unsplash

LLumar Window Films was introduced parallelly by the Eastman Chemical Company, located in Tennessee, United States, following their inauguration in 1920. Eastman Kodak, the founder, augmented the driving force with the breakthrough of Julius Hermes in 1956, to give the original LLumar Window Film we use today. The current window film gives mention of optimized style and comfort features that have spread to over 100 countries globally by 2001.

LLumar Film is available in three distinct varieties: Solar Control Window Film, Decorative Film, and a Safety and Security Window Film. This combination enhances the LLumar-guaranteed quality.

Moreover, the prevalent presence of excessive heat, glare, fading, and the associated health implications has resulted in the widespread usage of LLumar Solar Control Window Film in homes, displays, automobiles, and workplaces. Not only does this film resist deterioration, but it also exceeds the Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation. Hence, Decorative Window Films cover the aesthetic, as well as ensuring a lifetime warranty. Solar Control Window Films give the general film enhancements that are categorized with LLumar, and provide the main features, while the safety film augments its purpose for security for glass preservation.

Widac has also introduced Decorative Window Films as the latest uptake in the LLumar industry. Solar Control Window Films in Sri Lanka are common for the industrious who wish to curb their expenditure and live smartly, as per the pandemic.

While seeking the help of designers and manufacturers for this scope of work, Eastman has managed to teleport the real-time experience, in terms of glass and film exposure, to good use. They are now able to respond precisely to market demands, and operational excellence is key.

Widac Commercial Interiors, as an interior design entity in Sri Lanka, has taken under their follow-up the convenience that LLumar poses as one of the earliest solutions to be introduced island-wide. Window Films in Sri Lanka have never been more suitable, considering the tourist attractions, resorts and flourishing office industries in the heart of the nation. Residences have also contributed their fair share, for the enthusiasts who want to keep up with current trends.

LLumar film has long been a global supplier of products that require more than just laminating to the glass. The decision was made to meet customer demands that the market will have in the future, as well as to maximize the value of the transaction. Automation has progressed to the point that the tint and material are critical for the optimal package. Moreover, there have been recent advancements in 3D scanning technologies.


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