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How To Burglar-Proof Windows and Prevent Break-Ins

Are you worried for your house or workplace to be exposed to theft or rather the window solution you chose to be suitable enough? LLumar Safety and Security Films cast aside all discrepancies by incorporating a sturdy yet invisible frontier that will deter any glass deterioration and damage, while still enjoying curb appeal and household comfort.

A general outline in the purchase process starts with budget and option which makes LLumar Safety Film all the more feasible. This is sufficient to say since the film durability is on a large-scale, and it would take several attempts of replacement to match the normal window solution costs. The advantage is that it requires little maintenance and is long-lasting.

More to the topic, it comes in a variety of thicknesses, which is made of a heavy-duty film bonded to the glass with strong adhesives. This fact solidifies any doubts you might have about the film and its effectiveness.

LLumar Safety and Security Films provide a barricade from the dangers in the outside world, which could range from vandalism, accidents and adverse weather, while keeping their last forefront in its shatter-proof feature. In the event of extreme penetration, the glass shards will be held in place, preventing injuries and serving its purpose.

LLumar Safety and Security Window Films are accredited with endorsed certificates and awards to its name, which is fortified by further lab test reports of specific standards. They ensure comfort, security, and minimisation of budget contingencies.

On the commercial perspective, merchandise and valuables are moreover not targeted for burglary because of the fortification you find in windows, glass doors, bathroom mirrors, and any other shielding glass surface. Furthermore, the applications are bountiful since it also applies for schools and public spaces. Hence, the focal point is that the valuables or objects in the interior are protected from fading as well.

Safety and Security Films: Features & Benefits

There are 3 types of Safety and Security Films. The first type is known as the Clear Safety and Security Window Film, which gives the appearance of undetectable transparency, deeming it suitable for collateral measures.

The second is called the solar safety film which is an optimum combination of the security asset and temperature retention, being the main features. This type gives the advantages that the LLumar Solar Control Window Film provides, but in a single film technology. One of the assets is indulging in the experience of natural light filtering through the glass, as an optimum effect.

Anti-Graffiti Film, being the last type, has evolved to meet with new adverse measures in the form of spray-painting and other tough staining materials. It’s a nearly invisible film which can be removed and reapplied, without the burden of exorbitant costs, and the fear of setting up businesses in crowded, risky areas.

Widac Commercial Interiors has directed LLumar towards the hub of the norm, where Solar Control Window Films in Sri Lanka are very popular to cope with current weather patterns. Currently, the new uptake is venturing into new avenues that LLumar provides, and creating a tradition of window films in Sri Lanka.


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