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The Top Home Interior Design Tips For 2021 That You Absolutely Have To Know

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

It's no secret that we love to create and update our spaces. It doesn't matter how long you've been living in your apartment or how many years you've been decorating it, the best approach to interior design is the one that you want to continue enjoying. We at Widac Commercial Interiors have already broken down our home interior designing trends we think are going to be top of the list for 2021.

By using natural elements and merging them with the look of our modern era, we're looking forward to a fresh and minimal look that will always stay true to our modern vision. Soft blue hues will be a key component for interior design in Sri Lanka throughout 2019 and it's only right that we take this next step and embrace an even softer tone for future projects.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design is likely to become an even more common practice for homeowners as the sustainability of the home is made a key point in the ongoing creation of stylish, functional and meaningful interiors. For those who want to take their understanding of sustainability one step further, there are some exciting Sri Lankan interior design trends to look out for.

Whilst making an important statement about the importance of sustainability, design trends that focus on natural materials and seasonal décor will appeal to anyone who is looking to enhance their space with elegance. Next year will see an increased focus on creating a space for people to connect with nature and, more specifically, an increase in the use of recycled materials.


We can't talk about 2021 without starting with a word of praise for recycled materials in interior design in Sri Lanka. De-mining is still an issue in many regions, so it will be important to conserve natural resources and keep your home as environmentally friendly as possible. For 2021, we recommend using natural stone, quartz, pebble and mud for the interior of your home to ensure that you're paying the least amount of tax on your materials and packaging and to create a safe place for the environment.

Wood There's no denying that wood is the furniture's ultimate choice, and for 2021, we expect to see this incredibly versatile material extend to the décor. It's a great way to introduce a little of the outdoors into your home and works beautifully with other natural elements such as greenery and light.

Elegant Elements

Elegance, style and sophistication are themes that we will see repeat themselves in interior design in 2021. Continuing this trend will be a focus on fresh, clean lines, beautiful colour palettes and clean, sleek lines. The clean, minimalist lines prove that clean lines and a simple, streamlined style is not just suitable for the commercial world, but for home interior designing in Sri Lanka too. For instance, industrial chic, natural elements and black and white colour palettes are the favourites with designers for the year ahead. This Widac Commercial Interiors focuses on the industrial side of furniture and decor and uses objects like plumbing pipes, casters and cork as design inspirations.

A Celebration of Individuality

Dress codes are rarely changed. Regardless of economic upheaval or the pressures of constantly being in the public eye, the standard uniform is rarely modified. The same can be said about our interior design ideas. As we continue to seek a standard to which we can aspire, we are finally taking a long hard look at what we have, and bemoaning the excess. We must challenge our highly acceptable patterns and the materiality that has previously defined our ideas of home interior designing. Move beyond the restraints of familiarity and embrace what's currently inspiring you.


Widac Commercial interior designers in Sri Lanka have sourced cutting-edge trends and industrial designs that we can look forward to for the years to come. They're as trend-led as they are clever and futuristic, and look set to transform the home interiors we love the most. So why not start investing in these latest trends and invest some time to plan your interior design for 2021?


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