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The Best Window Films for Your Home: The Complete Buying Guide

The concept of using a window film in a home can infuse two factors to be considered, which are location within the home and the appropriate type of film. The LLumar Solar Control Window Film poses a position with a high ranking in terms of interior solutions. It provides 99% UV rejection in sunlight, reflects heat and reduces fading, along with an energy-saving booster to give optimized comfort and energy conservation.

Any designer's constant concern would be to guarantee that the cost of window films is marginally or significantly less than the cost of a heating or cooling system. The reality is that it is more affordable. Nowadays, many people desire to augment their LLumar Window Film system with an additional layer of protection termed as a Safety and Security Window Film. It provides the same benefits as the previous model, but with improved glass shatter resistance and home security.

Solar Control Window Films in Sri Lanka have now upgraded to a vast array of decorative films with the same features. You can now designate multiple decorative film styles for different areas of your home. There are a wide variety of options, including colors, patterns, gradients, and shapes.

What makes decorative films appealing is their great aesthetic quality, practicality, and ease of transfer upon taste. Decorative Window Films also emphasize the bonus of privacy at first glance.

Widac Commercial Interiors, as an entity, offers the LLumar Solar Control Window Films alongside its safety counterpart in a package. The added feature is now Decorative Window Films dispatching to various residencies within Sri Lanka. Widac compromises with the finest choice for what the client wants when it comes to window films in Sri Lanka.


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