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The 6 Interior Design Mistakes to Learn From

The shortcomings that a novice designer encounters when renovating & redesigning the homes are common, even more so if they lack a solid grasp of interior fit-out. Unless an interior design company volunteers, the majority of these interior tips are neglected. Widac Commercial Interiors, as an interior design company in Sri Lanka, provides one-of-a-kind services in the design field and guarantees the best possible interior solutions.

#1 Create a proper plan before thinking about designing

Initially, a plan with proper scope for the interior refurbishment is essential, and if not followed, it could disrupt the designing process. Hence, you will be keeping a track of your expenditure and allow for ‘realistic’ change which classifies as the next best solution if you are on a budget. Most interior designers in Sri Lanka cater to your design style and color palette infused with their own feedback to give you the best experience in your home. This way you will avoid unnecessary aesthetic and impulse purchases.

#2 Don’t put a single color as the theme in a room

Currently, there is room in the market to let go of the ‘matching sets’ concept as this is deemed as outdated and impractical. Not only will you be following a standard layout for the intended area, but you will also be increasing the cost of any future desired refurbishment. It's because purchasing in sets makes it more difficult to replace the accessories as necessary.

#3 Never match the furniture size to the scale of a focal point

When arranging furniture, it is crucial to mix and match in terms of size and proportion. The prevalent misperception is that large-scale furniture is appropriate for large homes and small-scale furniture is appropriate for small households. What is considered trendy is the combination of large and modest furniture, provided that there is no crowding and that proportion is taken into account. As such, a large table should not be accompanied by a stool.

The current scenario is to imitate design trends popular in the present market, by adhering to technological enhancements readily available island-wide. Widac Commercial Interiors, readily provides an experience to the client that doesn’t inconvenience or fall short of standards. They cater to mimic the aspects the client will want to see if they were living in a home for a long term.

#4 Use different types of lights for your home

One aspect as such is evenly distributing lighting at varying degrees in a residence. This is opposed to a regular application of lighting as in most cases. The three types to be focused on are ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Ambient lighting gives essential light within a space, while task lighting is more for concentrated work, and accent lighting to bring out the hues in artwork and architectural features.

#5 Curtain drapes should be long

The placement of the curtain length just below the frame of the window is another common mistake, as it is considered too short. This might obstruct the window from being seen once the curtains are drawn, and prevent natural light from seeping through when closed. It is recommended for the fabric of the drapes to be long so the windows seem larger and more appealing.

#6 Use built-ins instead of outlets and cords

Outlets and cords have also been added to the fit-out agenda for concealment purposes, where they are painted in matching colors to blend in with the wall or are simply tapered to them. This is not the optimal solution, but the advent of technology has retrieved it with the recently developed built-in charging stations. This eliminates the inconvenience of unpainted cords in favor of customized cord coverings.

More to the topic, interior designing nowadays has become a result of fashion sense and practicality, while indulging in an environment that is helpful for progress and comfort. It highlights an investment to be made within a home or workplace that is conducive for growth and mental health. Statistics have also shown that expression of one’s personality within a homeplace triggers positive vibes in rapport and gives an overall sense of satisfaction.


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