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Residential and Commercial Window Tinting: What You Need to Know

The reality behind residential and commercial window tinting is that they have a legacy which combines all the positive aspects into an optimum platform that people consider a worthwhile investment. This blog will highlight all the possibilities of LLumar Window Films, so you can concur that window tinting is the right interior solution for your home or workplace.

#1 Improves energy efficiency and annual utility savings

The practicality is that it is either too hot or too cold in your home or office. The LLumar Solar Control Window Film in Sri Lanka helps to cut down on your utility bills by giving a balance between the two temperature extremes.

Leaving the windows unattended has accounted for many businesses to lose significant portions of their revenue on air conditioning bills, with a lot of energy wasted.

The end-result is also positive because of the comfort factor in a moderate environment, excluding unpleasant drafts.

#2 Prevents theft and increases privacy

LLumar Safety and Security Window Films are equipped with a shatter-proof feature, in the event of any possible break-ins and burglaries. Not only will the displaying merchandise and valuables be intact, but the people within the vicinity will be spared from the flying glass shards and potential injuries.

Window films in Sri Lanka have also broadened their avenues in the privacy film that LLumar represents, or commonly known as the frosted film. This will give confidentiality for business meetings, conferences and deals, allowing the liberty to work with security, while the interior is hidden but still viewable.

#3 Significantly stops furniture and merchandise from fading

Inconsistent textures and worn-out material are common for those who neglect window tinting, leaving their merchandise and furniture exposed to harmful UV rays. This causes a reaction called fading which gives an outdated look at first sight.

LLumar Window Films not only prevent this, but provide a long-term solution for marketing products.

#4 Glare reduction benefits are at a good standard

Statistics have shown that employee satisfaction lies in working in an office that yields its result. There is no point in establishing an office to have no way of completing work. This is where most workers overlook the concept of good light, and reduced glare reduction.

LLumar Window Films serve its purpose by allowing natural light to seep through, but deflect the harmful rays. This is much preferred instead of opting for fluorescent lights, which can trigger stress responses.

#5 Can customise the window film to your preference

LLumar Decorative Window Films are the common trend, where people now can choose between patterns, geometric design and texture.

Recent technological advancements have catalysed the introduction of the different versions of films, to be utilised in themed concepts in a home or to serve its classic purpose. The three main types of LLumar Window Films that have been improvised are the solar film, safety film and the decorative film.

#6 Displays a consistent look from the exterior

LLumar Window Films upgrade the general outlook of your business’s exterior, without having to pay much. The implications of the glare of sunlight is also put aside with this film, to give a seamless, quality appearance on the glass.

#7 Less likelihood of contracting skin cancer

Widac Commercial Interiors, being an interior design company in Sri Lanka, has foreseen the breakthrough in preventing the spread of skin cancer, as yet another factor covered by the LLumar film and its deflection of harmful UV rays.

Solar Control Window Films in Sri Lanka are in high demand in the domestic market, and the advocacy against skin cancer can potentially raise another platform for the country’s current system.


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