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LLumar Window Films: How to Keep Your Office Building Safe, Secure & Comfortable

At a time when technology is evolving at a rapid pace, the opportunity to preserve its ingenuity has never been more important. The state-of-art digital displays and modules are flashing by in a haze with every degree of protection enhanced with it. LLumar Safety and Security Window Film has expanded its presence in Sri Lanka by partnering with Widac Commercial Interiors to provide the best solution for your technology and personal comfort.

To start with a definition, the safety film is a heavy duty polyester film that functions with an adhesive to the glass. When used, it demonstrates as a type of shatter-proof film against burglary and adverse weather. While withstanding these forces, it also serves well against general damage and makes the glass stronger.

As a general investment, those who don’t wish to go through the hassle of selecting the perfect decorative window film to match with the workplace, can opt for the safety film as they provide the same experience with added optimization and comfort. They incorporate additional features that help protect products from fading and reduce heat and glare.

Safety and Security Window Film: Added Features

When paired with its counterpart- the solar window film, the safety and security film ensures an open transparent landscape with no tint as a problem. Similarly, the LLumar series is a practical choice because of its ease of installation and guarantee against break-ins and looting.

Widac Commercial Interiors balances aesthetics with rationality in their interior fit-out endeavors, deeming laminated glass and metal bars to be out of step with current trends in support of LLumar. Current statistics have shown that opting for this specific LLumar window film yields twice better results than other replacements.

LLumar Window Films in Sri Lanka has reached a point where less investment can be made in surveillance systems and more on a more sophisticated manner of living. Individuals will be passionate about immersing themselves in an environment that is both pleasant and safe to work in, providing that a decorative film is also installed.

As an overall understanding, Safety and Security Window Film is not an understatement as it complements the effort for the feel of the workplace, and how it looks from an exterior point of view. It would be pointless to design a workplace with interior décor and not have an improved method of security. The concept is to create an investment that is long-lasting for you and your workplace, and for future generations.


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