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LLumar Window Films: A Smart Choice for Your Home and Workplace

Whilst being in the midst of a pandemic, and the ball rolling between rallying up funds, staying safe during these harsh times when the economy is at an all-time low, our workplace at home 99% of the time has never been more of a priority when it comes to a healthy environment. Spruce on the floor, new curtains, some paint polish, a new desk and a versatile ergonomic chair are just at the brink of the beginning of the next journey. It’s common to overlook the next best thing to optimise your workplace and that’s where Llumar Solar Control Window Films in Sri Lanka click into place.

The film basically captures the essence around the contour of a window, encapsulates the connection between the exterior and the interior, and conveys little to no imbalance between comfort and optimisation. It promises the livelihood of several features; the first is the unyielding energy against heat imbalance and hot spots in your workplace.

While basking in the coolness, it comes with a package of 99% UV rejection and aesthetically pleasing types for neutral ambience and beautiful transparency depending on what is to be preserved by windows. Window Films in Sri Lanka, by play, often are wanted to reduce glare, fading and third obviously being, and most commonly, to reflect heat. Moreover, in order to create an attractive working environment at home, window film tints are determined by the current shades, tones and landscape before a calculating decision can be made for placement.

The scopes are endless, as obviously, they can be used everywhere and can be applied for office use outside the home.


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