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Let’s Give Your Living Room A Hamptons Style Update

A living room space that is subtle, elegant and trendy is a prized aspiration, and can be fulfilled with the brand new Hamptons Style update. This fashionable terminology is defined as encompassing neutral and maritime tones, colours and the space concept within the boundaries of a targeted domestic space. This blog will highlight the popular aspects of Hamptons Style that can transform your living room into that of the modern era.

#1 Maritime/neutral colours with pattern assortment

The ideal signature to unlock the Hamptons Style is to first incorporate sea tones that can be mixed and matched akin to their own. Colours like green, grey, blue and white go well with geometric and floral patterns of your choice.

However, caution should be taken not to clutter the palette and the objects that go with it. There is also freedom to incorporate with common knick-knacks that have these tones.

As an interior design company in Sri Lanka, Widac Commercial Interiors categorise this process into their design stage, and have yielded results of rustic, classic and subtle interiors into their portfolio, amongst many.

#2 Airy windows

These should be ideally placed and substantial enough to connect the outside world with the interior of the living room.

More to the topic, there should be an allowance of sufficient natural light filtering into the room, and can be compromised with French windows and blinds in terms of structure.

#3 Oversized furniture

The objective is to feel liberal in your choosing of macro furniture, under the condition of limitations. You shouldn’t overcrowd the area, but strategically place them nevertheless.

#4 Floor-to-ceiling curtains

Curtains should veil a specific dimension of the living room, with sheer being an optimum choice. They create the aura of a light and airy atmosphere.

#5 Timber floorboards with balustrades, balconies, and skirting

Timber-infused mechanisms provide the foundation for any home, and are now upgraded in a variety of forms. The subject could be entirely decorative, such as in libraries, or provide the basic flooring purpose.

Conclusively, Widac Commercial Interiors has manoeuvred the division between essential and optional interior fit-out to give a structured end-result that is long-lasting, owing to the title of one of the interior designers in Sri Lanka that cater to current trends.


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