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How to Redo Your Home With the New Hamptons Style Upgrade

Photo by Camille Brodard on Unsplash

Your Hamptons home can now be enhanced with the new and improved Hamptons Style update that will leave your home in a mixture of peace, comfort and style that wasn’t there before. This new upgrade contains elements that are open for testing, and has opened up options for design lovers and current trends. More to the topic, the blog will cover the 5 contemporary Hamptons Style recommendations that you can use to remodel your home in its essence.

#1 The updated Hamptons palette has softer and less prominent colours

The colours are less obvious and stray away, in general, from the classic sea tones.

Warm brown tones combined with creamy beiges and gold create the classic Hamptons Style. Additionally, splashes of black might be used in unusual spots such as roof beams and bed panelling. Additionally, you can pair with lavender and mustard tones.

These colours should stimulate relaxed vibes you want to see in the comfort of your own home.

As an interior design company in Sri Lanka, Widac Commercial Interiors provides unmatched assistance with a variety of palettes that can be applied to various structural elements within a property.

#2 Remix the textures generously with contrast and metals

It is important to layer textural contrasts, particularly between metals such as brass and closely adjoining fabrics. This could include wood panelling or marble walls, as well as custom-made sofas.

The key is to have balance with everything, including colours, textures and patterns.

#3 Stick to geometric and softer patterns as a combination for your entire home

Application of a structured, formal and masculine look through geometric focal points has to be considered for the Hamptons concept.

While we shouldn’t be over-excessive with the geometric pattern selection, floral patterns are recommended within proximity.

Uniquely-shaped rugs and customised floor tiles are singularly excellent comparisons with a Hamptons home.

#4 Opt for sheer curtains with trims

Sheer curtains have that translucent, lightweight feel that covers your expanse with softened lighting. It serves its purpose for privacy and layered window treatment.

For the Hamptons style look, it can be incorporated with trims in the form of cords, lace, velvet and ribbons.

#5 Consider masculine and modern elements

Generally, large and sophisticated elements consist of macro furniture with bold features.

These are updated with graceful touches that lend them their own distinct signature.

A comparison to this scenario would be black customised tapware on top of a big, deep sink.

For interior designers in Sri Lanka, the modern elements have created variations over time that the knowledge base navigates on its own. The feedback in demand is generally stating the issues with your current home for the contemporary elements to be exhibited in the final result you want.

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