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5 Painting Tips To Make Your Small Bedroom Seem Larger

Have you ever been stuck in a bedroom that has the potential, but is a bit too small? This blog will highlight the solutions of paint work to make your average bedroom bulkier in size, ranging from some of the brightest, neatest paint hacks you can find, and the tools you have at hand.

#1 Making a narrow space expand

There are two options. You can paint the far side wall in a contrasting colour to the adjacent panels, which will be in a lighter shade.

The other option is painting a single element like wall shelving, but leave everything else free of colour. This gives the rest of the space a lighter tone in comparison.

#2 How to make the height margin higher in a room

Paint your walls in a dark shade next to the floor and ceiling, which will be in a lighter shade. It is important to note that black isn’t essential.

Another method is putting a margin between the edge of the ceiling and further down in all angles. Then, colour this area in the same coat of paint to give the optimum visual effect.

#3 How to give depth

An illusional masterpiece by swapping the far wall in a lighter colour and the other walls in a darker colour is also very modern.

Black walls are ideal for dimension and depth to small spaces. This gives a particularly secluded effect, and is a method to lengthen slanted walls.

#4 Use painting techniques

You should stay with one colour. The theory is that too many colours, as opposed to one colour used, create boundaries which gives a constricted vibe.

One of the most recommended decisions is to also utilise striped painted patterns. Horizontal stripes will make the room appear longer, and vertical stripes will exude a taller room.

As one of the leading interior designers in Sri Lanka, Widac Commercial Interiors pays heed to the most effective interior solutions you can have, which doesn’t fall short of painting methods specifically. They cover a diverse array of interior design, in all manners of homes and businesses. Their priority is to utilise palettes that match the ethnicity and theme of the connected space.

#5 Ways to elongate and stretch a space

Elongating a space will require the ceiling and the wall, being the corner panel, to be painted in a dark tone, and the other walls in a light tone.

It is also important to note that white is a good colour for the image of a bigger room.

In conclusion, contemporary interior design gives liberty with paint patterns and has opened new avenues. This ranges from geometric patterns, clever focal points, attached stylish furniture elements, and paint tricks. Widac prevails in their assortment of paint structures which differ in several factors, depending on suitability, clients’ choice and current trends, that make them a solid interior design company in Sri Lanka.


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