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2022 Predictions: Interior Design and Its Future Scope

While owing to the need to prepare for your emotional breakthrough during this pandemic, the home you live in has never been more important for it to adapt and correlate with current times. The feedback you will find yourself concluding with at the end of the day shouldn’t be with a monotonous schedule categorized by a monotonous home, but a vibrant feel. Following predictions have been noted by experts who want to divulge the solutions that homes thrive in nowadays, and to be the next fashion trends of 2022.

#1 Optimizing with colors and shapes that are bright and casual

Widac Commercial Interiors, as an interior design company in Sri Lanka, advocates for the customer’s perspective to come into foreplay, infused with the best interior solution possible. The trends identify bright and casual colors like saffron with a touch of bland tones. It is said to be a combination of colors and geometric-styled patterns that stimulate the potential a workplace yields. Hence, patterns signal change or the breakthrough of one’s achievements, similar to the abstract feeling when patterns are swapped for different ones.

#2 The use of antiques

The placement and location of antiques have just emerged in parallel to the artistic design it presents. Not only do the contours and rustic look play a role, but the angle in which it is displayed have a vital part as well. Middle-Eastern and South Asian antiques are very popular these days for their outstanding abstract filmography of the olden days. People want to feel like they are in another state of time, to give an overall refreshing sense.

#3 Bringing the outdoors into your home

The tranquil outdoors is the center of relaxation and is only a few steps away. Nowadays, people desire open patio-style spaces where they can enjoy scenery and the luxury of a pool, for example. To endure the exposure, acrylic and sturdy furnishings are frequently adopted.

#4 Separate Quarters with bold expression

Those who have spare rooms in their residence are recommended to convert those into workable places as this is a rising trend. They are now made into an infusion of workstation, home and dining area as commonplace. Open platforms in the same room often show subtle decorations that make the transfer and aesthetic more recognizable, like a bar counter.

#5 Go Green!

One of the advantages of being in a pandemic is a solid mindset that a person develops with time. The workplace is then targeted to vent one’s desire for security and optimum interior solution. People often use this to conquer their emotional and mental battles, and desire for therapy. One instance is using tiled walls instead of wallpaper.

#6 The mentality and prevalence of curved furniture

In an abstract perspective, the curvature of such furniture, like a counter or a glass mirror, is predicted to bring out the aesthetic and inspiration in oneself, as it is said to stimulate the emotion of comfort. While being mentally tough during these tough times, it’s a timeless tribute that can transport a person to another dimension and rewind, so as to say.

The rise and fall of 2022 will reveal aesthetics that have been modified to meet current trends, and how to survive everyday lifestyle. These trends have been sculpted by fashion moguls who have enough expertise in this field, to have it spread to interior designers in Sri Lanka. Widac Commercial Interiors promises an experience that will match expectations within reason of the scope to offer, and is most suitable via the diversity.


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